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What is meant by least restrictive environment?

As a previous post here discussed, federal law requires that a student with special needs learn in the least restrictive environment. This post talked about the different ways in which school districts in the Mobile area may choose to assist students with special needs.

Schools must not get duped by the "high-functioning" label

Many children in Mobile, Alabama, have a condition which commonly gets referred to as a high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. Conditions like Asperger's Syndrome and other disorders fall under this label. While it is true that people with higher-functioning autism may be able to live, learn and, ultimately, work in society at a higher rate than those with more other forms of autism, the label high-functioning can lead to a lot of misunderstandings.

School discipline for special needs children

As a previous post here discussed, special needs students in Mobile, Alabama, are often on the receiving end of significant school discipline, sometimes for reasons that are not their fault or, at worst, are the result of a lot of factors. Families could be faced with the real possibility that a student will be expelled from school for some form of misconduct.

Special education students and school discipline

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, students who qualify for special education have important rights that their local school district must respect. These rights are in place in order to ensure that, despite having special needs, these Mobile, Alabama, students can still have the opportunity for a quality education.

What if I don't like a choice my child's school made?

Mobile, Alabama, residents with special needs children must rely on their child's school to provide a suitable education. As previous posts on this blog have discussed, under federal law, they have every right to do so. However, getting what one wants out of their child's school system is not always easy.

What is an IEP?

Many people in Mobile probably recognize that education is not a one-size-fits-all prospect. Everyone learns in different ways, and each individual Alabaman is going to bring his or her own strengths and weaknesses to the table.


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