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Students with disabilities prone to bullying

It is an unfortunate reality that, even with an emphasis on respecting and appreciating one another's differences, kids in Mobile, Alabama, who are perceived as different or as weak are often the targets of bullying. In particular, students who have diagnosed disabilities report bullying at a relatively high frequency.

Statistics: middle school is a hotbed for bullying

According to statistics compiled as part of a government awareness campaign, middle school is the place where most students experience bullying. In high school, bullying seems to trail off somewhat; of course, by that time, it may be too late for a victim of bullying to make a full recovery.

Profile of a victim of bullying

There is no one-size-fits-all description of a typical bullying victim, despite the fact that the entertainment media often portrays a victim as small and thin or, in the case of a girl, a person with a less than perfect figure or with some odd social quirks. The reality is, and it bears repeating often, that anyone can be the victim of bullying just as anyone can be a bully.

Changes to Alabama anti-bullying laws slow to take effect

October is Anti-Bullying Awareness month, and many states have taken action by passing laws addressing this important issue. Alabama is one of these states that passed a law last spring in which school districts were to comply with certain anti-bullying guidelines. However, the school districts still haven't received the instructions about how they are to do so.


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