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People under the age of 19 often feel powerless in the legal and educational systems. At Hernandez & Associates Law Firm, we fight to equalize the playing field of the justice and educational systems for juveniles in Baldwin and Mobile counties, as well as other counties across Alabama. Our law firm offers legal services for minors and their loved ones, including:

Empowering Juveniles Facing Criminal Charges

As a young person facing criminal allegations, you may feel vulnerable in the criminal justice system. We work to empower you through education and advocacy. We will help you understand the allegations you are facing and traverse the process while exploring your legal options. We will walk you through the process and fight for your rights. Our skilled attorneys provide experienced juvenile law representation in and outside of the courtroom.

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Our attorneys will walk you through the legal process, advising you on the best steps to help you fight back and attain your goals. Contact our firm at 1856 Airport Blvd located in Mobile, Alabama, today to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Reach us at 251-272-5937 or fill out our online contact form.


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