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Semmes man sentenced to 10 years in alleged meth conspiracy

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Appeals

The consequences of an arrest and conviction for a drug crime may not be the focus of attention during the commission of the crime. However, when the defendant faces the court for sentencing after a conviction, the terms of punishment become extremely clear. The recent sentencing of a man who resided in Semmes demonstrates how the abstract concept of a criminal sentence can become very real for the defendant.

The arrest

Mobile police obtained a warrant to search the suspect’s home on Thomas Avenue in Prichard. When police arrived to execute the warrant, they said the suspect fled from the house and tossed a backpack into an ash can. When police recovered and searched the backpack, they said they found more than a kilogram of cocaine, some of which had been divided into smaller packets to facilitate distribution. Police said the man also possessed $4,000 in his wallet when he was arrested.

The charges

The suspect was charged with several federal drug charges, including conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute the illegal drug. A further search of the man’s house disclosed $87,000 in cash. The suspect pled guilty to the conspiracy charge in June 2021.

The sentence

The federal judge who presided over the case imposed a sentence of 97 months in prison. Upon completion of this sentence, the defendant will be required to serve five years of supervised release. As conditions of the reduced sentence and supervised release, the defendant will be required to undergo treatment and testing for drug abuse, and he will be subject to search by law enforcement officers upon reasonable belief that the man possesses or is using cocaine.


For those who have been convicted of crimes, state and federal courts may provide opportunities to appeal their conviction. However, the appeal process is different in many ways from criminal trials and requires the help of experienced attorneys.