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Mobile’s current homicide rate almost exceeds 2020

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Criminal Defense

If one has turned on the news lately, locals have probably heard that we are on pace to exceed the homicide rate from last year. Indeed, Mobile’s Interim Police Chief has given interviews on the very subject.

The numbers

According to the Mobile Police Department, Mobile County had 46 homicides in all of 2020, but at this point, we are already at 43 homicides. The interim police chief has said that what separates this year from lost is that over half of these fatalities this year have been perpetrated by and against those aged between 15 and 25. And, of these homicides, 38 involved a gun.

Asking parents to help

Since the crime wave seems to be centered on young adults, he says the solution to this year’s homicide problem is parenting, not the police. He has said it is “going to take a village” to get the crime rate to decline, and he wants parents to be more vigilant with their children. He wants them to monitor their children’s location, possessions, actions and friendships. He wants parents to be involved in their children’s lives, and if parents have guns, they need to be locked up.

Criminal law

For Mobile, Alabama, residents, this may come as good news because it appears that this interim police chief is not taking a tough on crime approach that usually leads to over policing and unjustified incarcerations. Though, residents should still be vigilant because higher crime rates usually mean an increase in policing.

What if one is arrested?

Remember, we all have the right to remain silent and to ask for an attorney. Of course, comply with lawful orders and hand over identification. But, other than that, no one has to help an investigation.