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Members of Mobile family face marijuana drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Drug Crimes

Across the nation, there is an increasing freedom to recreationally use marijuana. Alabama, however, has not altered its laws to legalize the drug. With that, people who are caught and accused of drug crimes related to marijuana can face substantial penalties if they are convicted. This can impact anyone including those who are in possession of it for their own use or people who are alleged to be involved in trafficking of marijuana. Understanding the penalties and how they can impact a person’s life in myriad ways is imperative when crafting a defense.

Parents and son arrested for marijuana, THC possession and trafficking

A law enforcement investigation resulted in a mother, father and son being arrested for various drug charges linked to marijuana and THC. Police conducted a raid and found drug-related items including dozens of THC cartridges and eight pounds of marijuana. The father and mother are 48 and 52, respectively. The son is 22. The parents are confronted with charges for possessing drug paraphernalia and drug trafficking. The son was arrested on those charges as well as possessing a controlled substance.

Penalties for marijuana and THC can be harsh

Depending on how much of the drug a person has in his or her possession and whether it was for personal use or they were trafficking in the drug will be a significant determinative factor in the penalties that can be assessed for a conviction. Personal use is generally a misdemeanor, but it can still result in jail and a large fine. With the amounts alleged to have been found in this case, there could be extended jail time and fines of at least $25,000. In addition, a criminal record can cause many challenges in a person’s life even after the case is over and they have served their time. That can include problems getting certain jobs and being admitted to schools and the military.

A criminal defense is crucial when facing drug charges

After a drug arrest, it is important to remember that there are avenues of defense that can be effective to reduce the charges or even be acquitted. The evidence could have been accrued in violation of the person’s rights. There might be a plea bargain available. Or there could be extenuating circumstances that will be assessed as part of the case. Before saying or doing anything, it is wise to consult with a firm experienced in criminal law to prepare to combat the charges.