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School discipline for special needs children

As a previous post here discussed, special needs students in Mobile, Alabama, are often on the receiving end of significant school discipline, sometimes for reasons that are not their fault or, at worst, are the result of a lot of factors. Families could be faced with the real possibility that a student will be expelled from school for some form of misconduct.

How do a child's special needs affect custody decisions?

As readers of this Mobile, Alabama, blog probably recognize, our law firm frequently assists children who have special educational needs. These needs may require that the child attend a particular school and have access to particular services both during the school day and on their own time.

Child support for special needs children

As our Mobile, Alabama, readers know, one of the focuses of this blog is special education law. As the name implies, a child will ordinarily qualify for some sort of special education when he or she has unique physical, emotional, or intellectual needs that require a tailored plan in for the child to succeed in school.


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