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October 2018 Archives

When is the possession of everyday objects a drug crime?

Sometimes, a spoon is just a piece of cutlery or a syringe is just a piece of medical equipment. However, there are situations in which common items such as these may be considered drug paraphernalia. Because the possession of drug paraphernalia is against the law, it is important to understand what it is, so those facing criminal charges can make informed decisions in their case.

Alabama Code addresses the issue of alimony

When couples in Alabama go through a divorce, one of the issues they will face is that of alimony. One spouse may truly believe they need support, but the other spouse may not be eager to make monthly payments to their ex. However, Alabama Code recognizes that some spouses need to be awarded rehabilitative or periodic alimony to preserve as much of their standard of living as possible. However, the court also doesn't want to impose an undue financial hardship on the paying spouse.

Changes to Alabama anti-bullying laws slow to take effect

October is Anti-Bullying Awareness month, and many states have taken action by passing laws addressing this important issue. Alabama is one of these states that passed a law last spring in which school districts were to comply with certain anti-bullying guidelines. However, the school districts still haven't received the instructions about how they are to do so.

What happens if one fails to pay child support in Alabama?

In Alabama, both of a child's parents are responsible for meeting the child's financial needs. When parents are no longer in a relationship with one another, the custodial parent meets the child's financial needs by having the child in their physical care. The noncustodial parent meets the child's financial needs through the payment of child support.


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