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We represent those accused of drug crimes

People in the Mobile area from all walks of life can find themselves facing serious drug charges. For instance, a high school student who may until that point have been an occasional user may get slapped with a criminal charge of drug possession, even for things like marijuana or a prescription pill.

In other cases, people can be accused of being part of a drug trafficking operation and can even find themselves looking at federal criminal charges, charge which, incidentally, often come with notoriously strict penalties.

Tax treatment of alimony is changing soon

A previous post on this blog talked about what factors judges in Mobile, Alabama, use to determine whether to award alimony to one spouse in the event of a divorce and, if so, how much alimony to award.

The previous post explained that ultimately, alimony awards have to be fair to both sides. While a judge may ultimately have to decide what is fair if the spouses cannot agree, there are oftentimes advantages to the couple working out an issue like alimony among themselves, without having to go to court.

How to spot that your child is being bullied

Many individuals, and parents, assume that bullying is something that every child goes through and that it is not a big deal. However, bullying is not only name calling or ignoring. Sometimes, present itself in severe ways, such as threats or actual violence.

More than one in five students report that they suffered bullying. The thought of your child experiencing bullying at a level of harassment or physical assault can be terrifying for any parent. What are some signs that your child is experiencing bullying at school?

Police arrest nine on suspicion of drug crimes

Authorities in Alabama announced the seizure of two pounds of marijuana as well as over $70,000 in cash and some firearms in what they described as an ongoing investigation. The also arrested nine people in connection with their action, five of whom they were actively investigating for drug crimes. There were 9 other people who were being investigated but who were not detained in connection with this recent police raid.

The charges against those arrested varied widely. Some were charged with distribution of controlled substances, while others faced possession of marijuana charges. One woman also faced a charge related to child endangerment, and one person was arrested in connection with an alleged violation of his probation.

What if I don't like a choice my child's school made?

Mobile, Alabama, residents with special needs children must rely on their child's school to provide a suitable education. As previous posts on this blog have discussed, under federal law, they have every right to do so. However, getting what one wants out of their child's school system is not always easy.

There can be disagreements about what a child's IEP might look like, and there can be fundamental disagreements about whether a child truly qualifies as disabled in the first place or what exactly the nature and extent of that disability is.

Is it always a good idea to keep the house?

Even Mobile couples who are of modest means are likely to own a home during the course of their marriage. As a result, should these couples face divorce or legal separation, they will have to figure out how to divide the home between themselves according to Alabama family law.

Not surprisingly, people may have a lot of emotions and memories associated with their marital home and thus want to do whatever they can to keep it.

How we help people stand up to bullies

For generations, Alabamans have known that schools and even offices and other workplaces can be cruel environments. Often, one person or a small group uses what power and influence they have to belittle or degrade others whom they see as weaker.

This sort of behavior, which can only be called bullying, is fortunately getting more attention these days both from the press and public officials, including educators and school administrators.

What is an IEP?

Many people in Mobile probably recognize that education is not a one-size-fits-all prospect. Everyone learns in different ways, and each individual Alabaman is going to bring his or her own strengths and weaknesses to the table.

However, the realities of administering the public-school system in Alabama requires some streamlining. While this is normally understandable, the demand for efficiency cannot ever be an excuse to leave behind a child who has documented legal disabilities that mean he or she will need additional help with his or her education.

3 Long-term coping strategies for divorcees

Divorce is one of the more difficult endeavors you'll go through in your life. Feelings of anger, remorse, dread, regret and confusion are normal and valid. Allow yourself to feel these emotions when they come -- but don't allow yourself to drown in them.

Here are a few long-term coping strategies that can help make the divorce process a little bit easier on yourself.

When is the possession of everyday objects a drug crime?

Sometimes, a spoon is just a piece of cutlery or a syringe is just a piece of medical equipment. However, there are situations in which common items such as these may be considered drug paraphernalia. Because the possession of drug paraphernalia is against the law, it is important to understand what it is, so those facing criminal charges can make informed decisions in their case.

Per federal law, drug paraphernalia cannot be offered, sold, mailed or transported to another individual. It also cannot be exported or imported. Alabama law also addresses drug paraphernalia. Under Alabama Code ยง13A-12-260, drug paraphernalia includes any equipment, materials or products that are meant to be produced, grown, packaged or used to introduce an unlawful controlled substance into a person's body. The Code contains a long list of products that could be considered drug paraphernalia.


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