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For child support calculations, what counts as income?

Like most other states, Alabama has Child Support Guidelines which courts throughout the state use when determining how much child support each parent should pay.

The purpose of these Guidelines is to make sure that courts order a fair amount of child support that will both provide for the child's standard of living and keep the parent who is paying the child support financially stable. Moreover, the Guidelines also ensure that support orders remain relatively consistent in the courts across the state.

More on the difference between an IEP and a 504 Plan

This bog has in the past touched on the differences between an Individualized Education Plan, or IEP, and a Section 504 Plan.

While the two Plans differ in several important respects, they both can help Mobile, Alabama, students who are suffering under a disability receive the educational services they need in order to succeed in life. In short, they are both important components of special education law.

Undercover drug sting comes to a head in Mobile

Mobile police conducted a sweep for illegal drug activity in a local neighborhood recently. Police claim that they are seeking 9 people in a total of over 40 cases. In each of the cases, the police allege that the suspect distributed illegal drugs.

Although police only made one arrest of two suspects during the series of raids, they claim to have recovered cocaine and drug paraphernalia. During the course of their sweep, police executed 8 search warrants. In addition to some drugs, police also recovered several firearms.

New movement aims to stop bullying

Many schools and communities across the country have been posting and printing the phrase "#BeKind" on various media. Schools have also otherwise been communicating this message both to their students and to the broader public.

The phrase is actually part of a broader grassroots movement mean to stop bullying and other aggressive behaviors among children and teens attending school. The founder of the movement suggest that, at some point in their lives, about 70 percent of all children are on the receiving end of bullying behavior.

What relief is available via a protection from abuse order?

Like other states, Alabama has a process in which a Mobile resident who is a victim of domestic abuse can go and get assistance from a local court.

Specifically, a victim can get a protection from abuse order, or PFA. As a court order, the alleged perpetrator must follow its terms or risk being held in contempt. Likewise, law enforcement officers and prosecutors have the power to use the criminal justice system to enforce such orders.

Statistics: middle school is a hotbed for bullying

According to statistics compiled as part of a government awareness campaign, middle school is the place where most students experience bullying. In high school, bullying seems to trail off somewhat; of course, by that time, it may be too late for a victim of bullying to make a full recovery.

There were some other interesting statistics that shed some light on the status of bullying in schools, both here in Alabama and throughout the country. For one, bullying happens all too frequently. According to one study, 28 percent of all students in middle school and high school grade levels said that they had been a victim of bullying. Moreover, about 70 percent of students said that they had witnessed bullying, an experience which can, in itself, be quite traumatic.

How can RTI help my struggling child?

Many children in the Mobile area may find learning difficult for a number of reasons. Good educators are constantly trying to find innovative ways to help these students.

One such innovative approach, which may be of interest to parents of special needs children, is called Response to Intervention, or RTI for short. RTI has won the accolades of the National Education Association, an organization which represents the interests of teachers across the country.

Narcan now available in Alabama high schools

Naloxone (otherwise, known by brand name, Narcan) is a drug that can reverse the effects of opioids to prevent an overdose from happening.

As the opioid epidemic continues to threaten the lives of Americans across the country, Alabama is taking steps to protect its youths by making Naloxone available in public high schools.

School discipline for special needs children

As a previous post here discussed, special needs students in Mobile, Alabama, are often on the receiving end of significant school discipline, sometimes for reasons that are not their fault or, at worst, are the result of a lot of factors. Families could be faced with the real possibility that a student will be expelled from school for some form of misconduct.

It is important for parents, particularly if the children receive services under the special education laws, to understand what their students' rights are if the student faces an expulsion proceeding. While these rights are not the same as what a student may have in a court case, they are also based on the Constitution of the United States.

How do a child's special needs affect custody decisions?

As readers of this Mobile, Alabama, blog probably recognize, our law firm frequently assists children who have special educational needs. These needs may require that the child attend a particular school and have access to particular services both during the school day and on their own time.

These services are important to a child's well-being and will continue to be so should the child's parents go through a divorce or separation. As such, the child's special needs and the services he or she is receiving for them should be part of the court's deliberation when deciding what is in the child's best interest.


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