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A bullying victim's mental health can be impacted long-term

Studies on the effects of bullying have already shown that getting picked on affects a child's mental health. During childhood, a bullying victim is likely to deal with depression and poor self-image, even to the point of being prone to suicide.

However, a recent study broke some new ground in that it drew a connection between childhood bullying an poor mental health as a young adult. While, anecdotally, this probably makes perfect sense, drawing a scientific connection between childhood bullying and mental health issues as an adult has been a bit elusive.

Tips we can take from Millennials to prevent divorce

Recent studies suggest that Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996, are responsible for lowering the national divorce rate. Chances are they don’t know an all-powerful secret to obtain ever-lasting love.

However, these factors are likely contributors to a lower rate.

Students still have some Fourth Amendment rights

Both for historical and practical reasons, the law recognizes that students attending public schools simply cannot have the same Fourth Amendment rights as they would when they are at home or out on the street.

This is so even though school officials and, especially, school resource officers, are government actors who must respect the Constitution. People have simply recognized that Mobile, Alabama, schools need some flexibility to enforce their rules and protect and provide for the students in their care. They also need to be able to ensure that the school is a safe and effective place to learn.

Child support for special needs children

As our Mobile, Alabama, readers know, one of the focuses of this blog is special education law. As the name implies, a child will ordinarily qualify for some sort of special education when he or she has unique physical, emotional, or intellectual needs that require a tailored plan in for the child to succeed in school.

Even with help from the school, having a special needs child is still expensive. In addition to some extra costs for education, there may be additional healthcare costs and other expenses that can quickly add up.

Special education students and school discipline

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, students who qualify for special education have important rights that their local school district must respect. These rights are in place in order to ensure that, despite having special needs, these Mobile, Alabama, students can still have the opportunity for a quality education.

For a variety of reasons, special education students may also find themselves on the receiving end of significant school discipline, including a long-term suspension or even an expulsion from the school. In some cases, an indefinite suspension or expulsion is even mandatory under Alabama's laws.

Former police chief facing drug, other charges

A former police chief from another town in Alabama is facing serious legal trouble after being arrested on both drug and other charges that also supposedly involved the use of drugs.

In the chief's first case, authorities charged him with misdemeanor drug crimes after someone found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the man's duty cruiser. How authorities came to search the former chief's car was not clear, but he was fired from his job shortly after being charged.

Profile of a victim of bullying

There is no one-size-fits-all description of a typical bullying victim, despite the fact that the entertainment media often portrays a victim as small and thin or, in the case of a girl, a person with a less than perfect figure or with some odd social quirks. The reality is, and it bears repeating often, that anyone can be the victim of bullying just as anyone can be a bully.

However, there are, according to at least one expert, some traits a child may exhibit that could make him or her more likely to be the target of bullies at school.

Divorces spike in the month of January

There is some anecdotal evidence floating around in Mobile, Alabama, and the rest of the country which suggests that January is "Divorce Month," with lots of couples going to the courthouse to ask for a divorce or a legal separation.

One study, which may require some further analysis, suggests that there is some truth to this common perception. It appeared from the results that, at least judging by one state, the number of divorce filings in January is much higher than those in December of the previous year and, for that matter, the prior October and November as well.

Helping clients navigate the nuances of special Ed law

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, getting special help for a child with unique needs is not just a matter of making a quick phone call to the local school and explaining the situation.

There are laws and rules school systems must follow in order to ensure special needs children get the education which they deserve as a matter of right. Still, on a practical level, the public schools in Mobile can come across as bureaucratic and quite impersonal.


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